May 6th at Trans Pecos


In Germany last year playing the Moers festival, I participated in a “morning session” an improv lottery where they put a random group of musicians together to perform some spontaneous music for festival goers, in the morning of course. I was paired up with Gravity bandmate Ava Mendoza, along with New York based multi instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily who I knew about through Carla Khilstedt, and the great NYC drummer Tomas Fujiwara who I had only heard about through Mitch Marcus. Well, the set went smashingly. I had a blast, and thought it only fitting we should get together and play again, seeing as we all live in New York now. So there you have it. And if you come to Trans-Pecos NY next Wednesday, you will indeed have it. Opening the night will be a duo with Gao Jiafeng, a great saxophonist and throat singer who just moved here from China, doing a duo with Yi Xin Tong called “Siwen Saodi” i hope you can make it.

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