Frowny Frown

a 400-page graphic novel, with musical accompaniment, that takes place in a parellel universe. A world made up of gods (Dante Counterstamp, Gore Cranialspinal) eccentric scientists (Hanks Piperaceous, Millicent Ruckdeschel) robots (Milton Chromogram, Ping and Pong Gamelin) superheros (The Atheist, The Anarchist, The Voice) Ghost Aliens, monsters, and of course politicians. The music will be coming out in early 2015.

Our Band Could be as Serious as Your Life

Originally slated to be released as "FLoating World Vol. 2" this instrumental album shows the beauty power and chemistry that is/was Thorny Brocky. credits released 01 January 2013 Marie Abe- keyboards. Dina Maccabee- violin. Kasey Knudsen- alto sax. Lisa Mezzacappa- upright bass. Jamie Moore- drums. recorded and mixed by Eli Crews. Mastered by Myles Boisen.

Secrets of Secrets

My new record Secrets of Secrets is coming out this February on John Zorn's Tzadik records. This record is a darkly epic exploration into the roots of Jewish mysticism through the writings of Eleazar of Worms. He as a mystic, scholar and rabbi who explored hidden meanings in the sacred jewish texts using gematria. His five book series Secrets of Secrets delves into these hidden worlds, divuldging the true names of god, the secrets of the divine chariot, angels and even how to make a golem. This project will take you through his world, musically, using the amplified clarinet metal band Simulacra, with lush strings and low brass.

Floating World Vol. 1

Floating World Vol. 1 (Porto Franco Records, 2011) is an extension of The Mission Outsider Poets Project. This music uses texts/poems from local poets that are marginalized from the mainstream. Michael Bernard Loggins is a poet and writer who is developmentally disabled. His creative use of language and perceptions as a disabled person of color are as unique as they are beautiful and often times silly. Bart Alberti is a autistic savant who committed suicide in 2006. His poetry is highly intellectual and exploits the friction of juxtaposing imagery to create a unique beauty. Swan is a mentally ill homeless man who types leaflets that expound on his belief system, centered on feeding pigeons, rats and other vermin as a holy act.


My second record was recorded in one day and edited by John Finkbeiner over about half a year. Finally it was mixed by Eli Crews and Sep Valizdeh, and mastered by John Greenham. All the artwork was done by my friend Mark Wilson. Released on October 1, 2006. Personnel: Graham Connah, Dahveed Behroozi, Mitch Marcus, Eric Glick Reiman, John Finkbeiner, Lisa Mezzacappa, Ches Smith, Tim Bulkley, Jason Levis, Moe! Staiano.


For my fourth record I decided to go the full on rock route. I got effects for my clarinet to make it sound like a guitar, wrote quirky metal riffs, and enlisted Matthias Bossi of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum fame, and Cornelius Boots of Edmund Welles fame for a rhythm section. Jesse Quattro adds some frighteningly neurotic vocals, mostly improvised, to round out what was my craziest, most enjoyable, and most popular record to date. Released on July 1, 2008. Personnel: Jesse Quattro, Aaron Novik, Cornelius Boots, Matthias Bossi. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Myles Boisen. Cover art by Shylene Roselyn.

The Samuel Suite

The Samuel Suite is a tribute to my grandfather, utilizing a string-heavy chamber jazz ensemble. Dancing Into One is a suite of music commissioned by Saint Joseph Ballet in 2004. Released in 2008 on Evander Records. Samuel Suite players: Aaron Novik, Darren Johnston, Dan Cantrell, Nathan Clevenger, Sky Chari, Patrick Cress, Cornelius Boots, Marc Bolin, Lisa Mezzacappa, Tim Bulkley, Sara Jo Zaharako, Alisa Rose, Dina Maccabee, Alex Kelly. Dancing Into One players: Aaron Novik, Dina Maccabee, Dan Cantrell, Marc Bolin, Jason Levis.


My first album as a leader. Definitely the most jazz-oriented. Lots of head-solo-head forms and lots of solos. Who knew back then that musicians from this band would go on to record and play with such luminaries as Fred Frith, Marc Ribot and Tim Berne as well as... Joanna Newsom! Released in October 2004. Players: Aaron Novik, Darren Johnston, Dan Cantrell, Graham Connah, John Finkbeiner, David Arend, Ches Smith, Sameer Gupta.