February 6th w/ Nathan Clevenger Group SF,CA

February 9th w/ Karina Denike @ Little Minsky’s SF,CA

February 11th w/ Karina Denike @ Hotel Cafe LA, CA

February 18th w/ Thorny Brocky @ Make Out Room SF, CA

April 16th w/ Jeremiah Cymerman @ the Stone NY, NY

April 30th w/ No Signal @ Downtown Music Gallery NY, NY

May 30th w/ Dante Counterstamp @ NuBlu NY,NY

June 16th w/ Killbossa @ Hickeyfest Leggett, CA

July 16th w/Guillermo Gregorio @ Downtown Music Gallery NY,NY

August 15th w/ O+O+ @ Silent Barn Brooklyn, NY

August 27th w/ Killbossa @ the Backroom, Berkeley, CA

September 4th w/ The Berlin Suite @ The Makeout Room SF, CA

September 23rd w/ Jeremiah Cymerman @ Firehouse 12, New Haven CT

October 12th w/ Lisa Mezzacappa @ Roulette, Brooklyn, NY

December 5th w/ Jeremiah Cymerman @Roulette, Brooklyn, NY


April 6th O+O+ @ The Silent Barn

May 8th O+O+ @ Bloomingdale school of music, w/ Evan Francis

June 18th O+O+ @ Switchboard Music Festival, San Francisco


January 11th w/ Karina Denike @ Brick and Mortar, SF
sharing the bill with Christina Stanley and others
8pm 7 dollars advance/10 dollars door

January 15th w/ Cosimo Lissy @ Duende, Oakland
sharing the bill with Natalie Johns

January 29th w/ Dominique Leone @ the Manhattan Inn, New York

February 19th w/ Karina Denike @ the Chapel, SF

April 4th w/ Nathan Clevenger Group @Switchboard Music Festival, SF

April 9th w/ Karina Denike @ Club Deluxe for Minsky’s Burlesque, SF

April 16th w/ Cosimo Lissy and Karina Denike @ Amnesia, SF

April 17th w/ Karina Denike @ Awaken Cafe, Oakland

April 19th w/ o+o+ @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn New York

May 6th w/ Shahzad Ishmaly, Tomas Fujiwara, Ava Mendoza @ Trans Pecos, Ridgewood New York

Sept. 29th w/O+O+ @ Bohemian Grove, Brooklyn, New York

Oct. 2nd w/ abebbe @Pine Box Rock Shop, Brooklyn, New York

October 24th w/ Karina Denike Boston, Massachusetts

October 25th w/ Karina Denike Providence, RI

October 30th w/ Karina Denike @ Union Pool, Brooklyn, New York

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