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Another early New York experiment, this was written while reading Kim Gordon's "Girl in a Band" and really tries to channel the 80s downtown noise rock and experimental jazz scenes that were happening at the time.

The instrumentation of two clarinets a half step apart (b flat and A clarinet) and two guitars tuned a half step apart, relying heavily on overtones creates a unique sonic dissonance that channels bands like Sonic Youth and Swans, but with an improvisational freedom more akin to noise jazz pioneers like John Zorn and Elliot Sharp.

Aaron Novik- A clarinet
Jeremiah Cymerman- B flat clarinet
Ava Mendoza- guitar
Matt Hollenberg- guitar

recorded by Lily Wen at Figure 8
mixed by Eli Crews at Figure 8
mastered by Jon Cohrs at Bear Call Mastering

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