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After playing a few festivals in Europe with Fred Frith in 2014, I decided to travel a little on my own. On Heike Liss' (Fred's wife) recommendation I checked out Rotterdam. I rented an airbnb with a beautiful upright piano that inspired this music. My band Thorny Brocky must've been on my mind too (many of the band members were also in Fred's band, Lisa, Kasey and Marie) because the music i wrote fits them so well on this recording we did a few years later. 

Aaron Novik- bass clarinet 
Kasey Knudsen- sax 
Dina Maccabee- violin 
Marie Abe- accordion 
Lisa Mezzacappa- bass 
Jamie Moore- drums 

recorded by John Finkbeiner at Hyde Street 
mixed by John Finkbeiner at New, Improved 
mastered by Jon Cohrs at Bear Call

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