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Another early New York experiment, this was written while reading Kim Gordon's "Girl in a Band" and really tries to channel the 80s downtown noise rock and experimental jazz scenes that were happening at the time.

The instrumentation of two clarinets a half step apart (b flat and A clarinet) and two guitars tuned a half step apart, relying heavily on overtones creates a unique sonic dissonance that channels bands like Sonic Youth and Swans, but with an improvisational freedom more akin to noise jazz pioneers like John Zorn and Elliot Sharp.


released December 15, 2019

Aaron Novik- A clarinet
Jeremiah Cymerman- B flat clarinet
Ava Mendoza- guitar
Matt Hollenberg- guitar

recorded by Lily Wen at Figure 8
mixed by Eli Crews at Figure 8
mastered by Jon Cohrs at Bear Call Mastering

No Signal

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