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The Samuel Suite is a musical homage to my grandfather, a great thinker and music lover who had a big impact on my upbringing and development.  


Dancing Into One was commissioned by St. Joesph Ballet (now Wooden Floor) and was performed by my working klezmer band, the Yiddiots.


Samuel Suite musicians:
Aaron Novik- clarinets. compositions
Darren Johnston- trumpet
Dan Cantrell- accordion, piano, fender rhodes, hammond organ, lowrey organ
Nathan Clevenger- guitar
Sky Chari- flute
Patrick Cress- alto sax
Cornelius Boots- bari sax
Marc Bolin- trombone, tuba
Lisa Mezzacappa- bass
Tim Bulkley- drums
Sara Jo Zaharako- violin
Alisa Rose- violin
Dina Maccabee- viola
Alex Kelly- cello

Dancing Into One musicians:

Aaron Novik- clarinet, bass clarinet, compositions
Dina Maccabee- violin, viola
Dan Cantrell- accordion, bass accordion, saw
Marc Bolin- trombone, bass trombone, tuba
Jason Levis- drums, percussion

Samuel Suite/Dancing Into One CD

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